About Maisie’s Chocolate Shop Llandudno

Maisie's Chocolate Shop Llandudno North WalesNot everyone knows the following facts.

Maisie’s Chocolate Shop Llandudno was born in 2012 – though planning took two years in the making.

Maisie’s is family owned & family run ( Dad,Mum & two daughters).

Maisie’s is named after Mum/Grandma- who’s name carries on after her.

The caricature mugshot to the left is us four, Grandma & Granddad.

Our chocolates already make trips worldwide -to name a few we have posted out to Europe, America,Australia, Switzerland & Mexico and of course across the UK.

The family suffers for the cause!!!  We have tasted every chocolate in our shop and have a committee of regular customers who help with this cause. If they don’t like it – we don’t sell it!

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